What Can Your Online Shop Do?

March 29, 2021

It’s a Monday morning and lockdown restrictions are slowly lifting but the new normal of the world isn’t changing too much. Customers are ordering online more and more and in fact, we believe that Covid-19 has simply accelerated what was always the inevitable. So, if you are teetering on the edge of investing in an online shop, or already have one but want to make it perform better, here are our top features of having an e-commerce website!

Get More Customers and More Sales!

Okay so this might seem obvious but seriously, take a moment to think. How would your business be different with an extra 20 sales per month? Or if you could generate an extra 20 enquiries? What would that allow you to do, how would your life change?

This is THE biggest selling point of an online shop. You go from targeting the 80 people a day that walk past your shop, or the 30 people on social media that see your post, to being available to sell all day every day. Your online shop can be open 24/7. Imagine waking up to sales over night when you are asleep!

And the best bit is that, we have yet to find a business that won’t benefit from selling their products or services online. Chances are if you are not online when someone is searching to buy, then they’ll find somewhere else that does. Data shows that customers are beginning to prefer buying online than face-to-face and the pandemic has heightened this.

Click & Collect, Delivery and Reservations

This has been huge since the pandemic and several of our current clients have switched to be able to offer these services. Imagine travelling to a shop and the item you want is out of stock, or even worse, their is a huge queue of people waiting to buy what you want! All of our sites that have started offering Click & Collect, Delivery or Reservations have profited tenfold. Clients can order and pay for items online, meaning you know what you have sold, when they are collecting or when it has to be sent for delivery. Certainty, sales and an easier way to operate for you.

The ease of access for customers is essential. People want to be able to shop on their phone, from the comfort of their house, avoiding people and queues. And if you’re not offering it, someone else will be!

Automation, Automation, Automation

This one is a life saver. The initial set up of your e-commerce site takes a little bit of time and effort but after that, it runs like a dream. Here are the things that become automated:

  1. Payments – no phoning people up, sending them a payment link or trusting that they pay when in person after you send the goods. E-commerce handles all of that including receipts and invoicing. So your business can make money without anyone being present to process it!
  2. Emails – set up emails for order confirmations, payment confirmations, delivery notes, collection reminders and a “thank you for buying from us” email works well too! Once it’s set up, they are triggered automatically
  3. Stock Control – optional this one but very handy. Update stock on a weekly or monthly process and let your website notify customers when stock is low or out of stock. Meaning you don’t have to be there constantly replying to “Hi, is this still available?”
  4. Availability and Times – This is referring to delivery dates and collection times. You can set how many orders you accept in a certain day or even an hour, have complete control over how many delivery slots you offer and once set up, it will automatically cut off when it reaches it’s maximum. A good example if a shop or supermarket. They have a set number of orders they can process for a delivery time and a time period where orders have to be in by.

Analytics and Data

Don’t lose me on this one, it’s important. If you don’t have an online shop can you answer me these questions:

  1. Can you name every person that has bought from you, what they bought, how much they spent and how they found you?
  2. Can you tell me your highest spending customers? Or a customer who used to spend a lot but now doesn’t?
  3. Can you tell me how many people saw your product but didn’t buy it? Or put it in their basket but didn’t checkout? Can you contact that person?
  4. Can you tell me what your customer demographic is? Are they old, young, male, female? Been to your shop before or first time visitors?
  5. Which products are your best sellers, which are your loss leaders and which products shouldn’t be there at all?

All of these stats and so much more can be generated from an online shop. Using these to shape your future marketing, tweak and test metrics in order to make your shop the highest converting sales machine possible.

The Bells and Whistles

Okay so we’ve covered the basics, now let’s check out the fun parts of owning your own online shop!

Loyalty Points and Customer Rewards

Your online shop will have a database of customers and who spends the most. Why not reward your best customers and thank them for being so loyal?

Abandoned Cart Emails

Someone add a big list to their basket and then leave? Find out why and maybe offer them something to help change their mind. Maybe it was because they didn’t realise you accepted credit cards?


Has someone just ordered your best selling mug? Well they will probably want the dish to go with it right? Adding an upsell item before users check out is a great way to increase average order spend!

Sell Gift Cards and Discount Codes

Much easier to buy and much easier to spend. A really effective way of increasing brand loyalty and revenue at the same time!

Product Bundles

Add related products together into bundles to increase average order spend!

Where To Start

Hopefully this short piece will have given you a brief insight into what an E-commerce site can do, how it can revolutionise your business and put you on the map in your industry. We’ve used the examples of physical shops and stores but this works for many business types. The next thing to do is to get some quotes. Find out what it will cost to get your dream website set up, and how long it will take to recoup that investment.

Pay Monthly!

We have recently started our new pay monthly option for websites! We understand that the initial investment might be the only stumbling barrier to getting set up online. We’re confident you’ll make a return on your investment so let’s give you a head start. Begin earning money from your new site and let it pay for itself!

Drop us a message or book in a call to get started and let’s have a chat!

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