Website Red Flags To Avoid At All Costs!

February 3, 2022

The Journey of a Consumer!

The typical journey of a potential customer goes something like this. They either find you on social media or Google, or they hear from you from a friend or a referral. The very first thing they do is a credibility check.

This means finding you online and sussing out what kind of business you are. And along that journey there are several possible Red Flags that you as a business must avoid to prevent losing a potential customer.

So let’s dive in and see how many your business is ticking off!

1. No Website At All

This sounds obvious but this is THE biggest red flag of them all. Turn the clock back 20 years and if you wanted a website you needed a web master, a £2,000 budget and a technical genius to manage it. Nowadays there is no excuse. With the invention of quick build platforms such as Wix and Squarespace even the least digitally minded business owner can be online within minutes. And for as little as £29 per month.

Having no website rings alarm bells before your customer has even spoken to you. And guess what happens when they search for you business and nothing appears? Direct competition pops up instead. Disaster!

2. Not Mobile Friendly

This is a big one with the majority of Google searches now happening on mobile devices, if your website isn’t mobile friendly, users will leave. And quickly! It’s impossible to use and those very few users who attempt to persevere leave shortly frustrated and frankly annoyed. Here’s an example we found on the web, on a mobile device? Go check it out and see how long you stay on there for (Sorry Prudens, but hey, if you’re reading this, why not get in touch?)

3. No Reviews

A huge determining factor for customers looking to buy your products or services are reviews. Social proof is significant and reviews are the best way to demonstrate that a) you exist and are a real company and b) you’re good at what you do.

And I’m not talking about copy and pasted emails or texts from past customers. You need real, verified, third party reviews. From websites like Facebook, Google, Trip Advisor etc. That way customers know they are real reviews from real people. (Not that we’re saying you would make up reviews, you wouldn’t right?)

Want a good example? Check out EMS. They’re killing it right now with reviews!

4. Outdated Information

This can be hugely detrimental to your business. Especially with things like contact information or opening times. But more importantly, your website needs to be relevant. If you are showing posts or pictures or updates from 6 years ago, it raises doubt in your customers to whether you are still trading or not? Not to mention the affect it has on SEO.

We’ve all visited a social media page or website and scrolled down to find the last post was from May 2011. This is a red flag. Being active and having up to date info on your site reassures users you’re still going strong, your business is working hard and you care enough to keep your users up to date.

5. No SSL Certificate

Take a look in the top left of your internet nav bar and you should see a locked pad lock. This is the SSL certificate and it proves to the end user your website is certified and it is who it says it is. Without this certificate, most browsers will not let you visit the site without you having to confirm that visiting the site is a risk. If your website doesn’t have this, you not only will lose out on huge amounts of traffic but you’re also damaging your businesses reputation.

SSL certificates are cheap and relatively easy to install. If you need help, drop us a line!

How Did Your Business Fare?

So how many red flags did your website clock up? None? Great!! Or maybe a few? If you need to chat, drop us a message and we’ll get back to you asap.

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