Done for you email marketing set up

Email Magic

For businesses who want to reach more customers and retarget their current ones through email and automation with a “done for you” managed set up, ready for your to input your content and ideas!

The Process Simplified!

Step 1

Setting Up Your CRM

We’ll show you how to purchase and log in to your email CRM (customer relationship management) and then we’ll manage the set up and optimisation for you.

Step 2

Automations and Emails!

We’ll create your contact lists, automations and email chains ready to input your content to start sending to customers!

Step 3

Going Live!

Once you are totally happy with what we have created and only then, we’ll switch on the automations and start funnelling clients in to your email lists and automations!

The Details Included

  • Set Up and Optimisation

    Once you have your CRM in place, we will go inside and manage the set up process, adding in your company details etc and then optimise the account ready to get to work!

  • Your Lists

    You want to organise your contacts in to lists so you have clear audiences to target when you need to. We’ll create the most common lists useful for all businesses. But you can add as many as you like after. 

  • Your Automations

    We’ll create two main automations for your lists. A GDPR Double Opt-in Automation (which allows customers to confirm their email and allow us to comply with GDPR) and a Sales Automation with an 8 email sequence, ready for your content to be placed inside. 

  • Lead Generator

    In order to get customers in to your lists we need to create a lead generator where we can collect user information. We’ll build a page or form into your website that integrates with your email CRM to collect user information from. We usually suggest an offer or incentive for any users that subscribe to your list. 

  • Email Design

    We want your emails to look professional and not spammy, so we’ll create a design in line with your company branding, for you to use for each email. 

  • The End Result?

    Our aim is to have a non-customer visit your website, enter their details and become a subscriber. With your new CRM you will be able to engage with your ever growing lists and turn listeners into buyers and buyers into repeat buyers and so on! When set up correctly this can be a powerful tool for repeat marketing whenever you need a boost in sales. 

The Cost?


Get your email marketing system up and running, ready to start bringing your business new custom. Book a call today to get started and allow us to answer any of your questions!

The prices below do not include the cost of your email CRM provider. If you do not already have an email CRM we recommend Active Campaign for best value and functionality. 

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