Electrician, Plumber or Builder? Use these tips to Boost Your Bottom Line! Part 1

March 5, 2022

In this week’s industry spotlight, we are looking at how trades people can harness the power of digital marketing and use it to bring in more clients and win more quotes! Follow these tips and you’ll find how to stop competing on price and trying to be the cheapest business out there! So, whether you are an electrician, plumber or scaffolder and whether it’s just you or a team of workers, take a look at our first tip and see how you fare!

Understanding Your Online Profile – Step 1, Google Your Business!

This is the fastest and easiest way to see what your online presence is. Google your name and see what comes up! Why? Because as soon as you send out that quote the first thing that potential customer is going to do is search you and find out who you are, what you do and can you be trusted.

What Should You Find?

1. Your Google Business Profile

This is the box on the right (on desktop) which should show all of your business details. (Check out our client’s below for an example!.)This is really important, firstly to have a profile and secondly to make sure it’s looking in tip to shape. If you have one there you should own it. If you don’t you can claim it and become the owner. This is important so we can make changes and improve the profile.

Here is a good example of a strong online presence!

2. Your Website

Obviously this will only show up if you have a website and sometimes if your SEO is poor it might not even show up still. But this should be at the top of the search page. If it isn’t, check out our SEO tips on how to rank higher on Google that will help it get there, or drop us a message and see how we can get you there instead!

3. Social Media Profiles

Depending on what your SEO is like these could be higher than your website or below them. Or worryingly, you might not have a profile at all. Social media is a great way of building a local following and building trust and credibility. We’re not here to talk about the pros and cons but a social media profile will definitely help win new business.

What if they are not there?

This is the first problem to address. No online presence is almost as detrimental as a bad online presence. Not showing up anywhere is a red flag for customers. If they can’t see that you’re even a real business they are unlikely to entertain your quote! You wouldn’t pay money to someone that you have no information on right?

How To Fix Your Online Profile?

We’ll be diving into how to create an impressive online profile specifically for trades people in the next few days. But if you’re eager to learn more and start making a change, here are some articles that will help!

  1. Website Red Flags To Avoid At All Costs!
  2. Your Digital Checklist? 5 Things You NEED to be Doing Online!
  3. Why you NEED to be on social media

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