Your Digital Checklist? 5 Things You NEED to be Doing Online!

June 3, 2020

In the current times your business needs to be performing well online. And that means consistent traffic that leads to consistent leads and sales. So we have created your digital checklist for your business. If you are missing any of the things from the list below, you could be missing out on clients and revenue!

So, how does your business check out? Let’s find out…

1. Is Your Business on Social Media!?

This seems like an obvious one on the digital checklist, and it kind of is. If your business doesn’t have at least a Facebook business page – you are missing out! Ideally you should be present on every platform that your potential clients hang out. If you are on social already – great!

Are you using it to its full potential? We won’t go into too much detail but here are some features you can use to help boost client interaction and sales!

digital checklist
  • Inbound Marketing – if you aren’t on social media, you’re missing a huge opportunity to target your potential customers with the inbound marketing strategy! Post VALUABLE content, regularly. Give your audience something to read other than sales and offers. Build trust and gain authority. When they need someone in the industry, they’ll know to come to you! I recommend reading this book by Gary Vee on social media content – it’s HUGELY valuable! (Find out what Inbound Marketing is here!)
  • Reviews! Social proof is HUGE! Get all of your clients, past and present, to give you a facebook review. They’re gold.
  • Add your products / services. People DO look at them and if you have an e-commerce site, then think about linking your shop to your Facebook! Take a look at Groom’s Farm Shop, we built their shop and their social media!
  • Automated messaging – makes life easier for you, easier for your audience and you can link to you website directly from messenger! Feel free to test our own Facebook messenger out!

2. Get Your Business on Google!

This is another asset that is under-utilised and under-valued. First things first on the digital checklist – Google My Business Profile. Don’t have one? Get one today. it’s free, easy to set up yourself and is seriously valuable. Here’s how you can get started with it.

Once you have set up your profile – DON’T JUST LEAVE IT TO COLLECT DUST!

Update your info, post valuable content, get reviews and keep the info up to date. You can even add a button to contact you direct so you can push consistent leads to your website and increase revenue!

3. Whatsapp For Business

This is a really cool asset for your business. Especially if you are a solo-prenuer or a small business. Did you know you can use a landline for Whatsapp business? Well you can! And it adds a super valuable way for your customers to get in touch. It’s not as formal as an email and not as scary as a phone call. You can engage with potential and existing customers in a personable way. This is a real game changer.

It is a proven fact that customers that receive a higher level of personalisation, are more inclined to buy from that business. It will also help to get consistent leads to your website! So be personable!

Liking this guide so far? why not send us a Whatsapp and tell us!

4. A Website

This is a really important one on our digital checklist for your business. Forgetting about our current situation from Covid-19, this is valuable regardless. You NEED to be able to market / advertise / sell online. Why? Because without it you will struggle to get consistent leads to your website.

You can reach thousands of people in seconds in the digital world. But you will never be able to scale to your full potential without a high performing site. You can push as much traffic to your site as your budget will allow, but if users are leaving your site as quick as arriving – it’s a pointless exercise!

You need a site than can either capture leads, sell products and services, book appointments or phone calls or track users for re-targeting and analytics. Preferably a combination of all of these (definitely analytics, bit thats a whole other post). So that if you spend £100 on ads your website will generate you £200 in revenue. Now you can see the power of a high performing site.

5. Search Engine Presence

The best place to hide a dead body? Page 2 of Google.

SEO if you didn’t know, stands for Search Engine Optimisation and you need to factor this in to your business. If your website has cruddy SEO, it won’t rank highly in Google or other search engines. And if you get lost in Google, you may as well not be on there. Good SEO including on-page, backlinks, local citations and loads of other factors, will help boost you up the rankings.

Higher up the rankings = higher traffic = more sales.

If you don’t know how to do this, speak to your web developer or hire a specialist…

How Did Your Digital Checklist Score?

So, how many of our digital checklist for your business did you tick off? If you managed to tick them all off – that’s great! If you didn’t and you need some help, feel free to drop us a message. We’d be more than happy to advise.

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