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JTPT is a fitness company specialising in outdoor bootcamps that needed a website with multiple landing pages, ranked highly on search engines and provided a means of capturing leads. Over the years, we have regularly managed an advertising budget for JTPT which consistently brings in new clients!

JTPT needed a brand refresh that reflected their speciality and also appealed to their target market. We also needed to use the branding to create a unique style of bootcamps that would allow JTPT to have multiple locations and instructors at the bootcamps.
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    March 4, 2020
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The JTPT Website


The website we created for JTPT allowed them to scale and grow their business beyond just word and mouth. By creating a highly effective marketing funnel JTPT has a lead generation tap whenever they are looking to boost their client base. With several landing pages, responsive and converting forms, tracking pixels and analytics which drive the KPIs the possibilities are infinite. We have built in valuable and relevant content that helps drive search engine rankings and keep their users engaged and loyal.
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    The Digital Lark
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JTPT Website
JTPT Website
JTPT Website
JTPT Website
JTPT Website

Digital Marketing


We handle a regular social media advertising budget for JTPT. We assist throughout the whole process from ad copy to landing page to pixel tracking and advert performance analysis. The main objective for JTPT was to create a sales funnel that can be switched on when they need more clients. We also helped to facilitate their email marketing and automated on boarding emails. We frequently build and update landing pages to help increase conversions and sales.

Results So Far

JTPT now has an automatic sales funnel process which they can switch on when they need to increase their client base. We have given the staff the knowledge they need to navigate Facebook Ads manager so they can create their own ads with out help and expertise.

Key Stats

Below is the feedback we got back from this client. The rating is based on 1 – below expectation 4 – achieved what we expected and 7 – above and beyond expectations.
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Print & Production

We handle all of JTPT’s print and design. We produce all of their member merchandise as well as business stationary and promotional items too!

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