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Groom’s Farm Shop

Groom’s came to us in 2019 looking to digitise their business, get online and start promoting to the online world! We initially designed them an information website where they could establish an online presence and get in front of potential customers!

Since then we have upgraded to a complete re-brand, brand new E-commerce website and total renovation of their business processes to make more aspects automated and efficient. This has led to an ever growing online customer base who repeatedly order their shopping online, a huge presence online and in the local area and of course a large boost in revenue for the farm shop.

Today we work closely with Groom’s maintaining their website each month and working with our SEO experts to drive even more traffic to their website each week!

Groom's Farm Shop Would like to recommend The Digital Lark to any company serious about growing and expanding! Josh and his team built our amazing online shop with click & collect and delivery features built in. Not just keeping our staff and customers safe but also meaning an easier way for our customers to order and pay. They also handle our Google SEO which has definitely increased our weekly orders and we are now continually seeing new faces in the shop!
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Groom's Farm Shop
Groom's Farm Shop
Groom’s wanted to modernise their current brand and develop not just a new logo, but a voice and personality for their farm shop business. We worked closely with Orange Reel (our branding specialist) and established that local community along with sustainability and high quality food were some of the things they held important in their business.

By using the map of the area as a brand asset we incorporated the community spirit aspect into their new brand. If you look closely, the outline of Ivinghoe and Pitstone features in the pattern on the cow in the main logo.
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    September 1, 2020
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The Groom’s Farm Shop Website


At the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020 we came to the agreement with Groom’s that we needed a fully functioning e-commerce website that could facilitate online ordering and payment processing. The sheer influx of panic orders would have overwhelmed the physical shop! And so developing a site where customers could browse, view prices and order online was the best way forward. Allowing customers to choose a “click & collect” or delivery, meant orders could be fulfilled with zero contact in an efficient, safe and incredibly effective way!

Today the website receives between 1000 visitors a month and over 200 orders a weekend. Groom’s now have a fully automated e-commerce site that processes payments, emails, delivery and collection dates and a whole database of orders with no human input. Allowing them to serve their customers quickly and efficiently, whilst retaining their family ran status and personal touch with all of their customers!
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    Groom’s Farm Shop
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    The Digital Lark & Orange Reel
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Grooms Farm Shop Website
Grooms Farm Shop Website
Grooms Farm Shop Website
Grooms Farm Shop Website
Grooms Farm Shop Website

Digital Marketing


After launching the e-commerce website we then began building their presence on social media and on Google. Our aim was to create a loyal following on Facebook and Instagram of local, people that would potentially be future customers! We also designated a lot of budget towards SEO and helping to appear higher up the rankings for people searching for farm shops or local, sustainable food.

Results So Far

Using engaging content, regular posting and a few campaigns Groom’s are starting to see some real traction with followers and engagement. Groom’s also have a strong presence on search engines and see the majority of their traffic from Google! We are now seeing a consistent rise in orders each week and an increase in customers returning to buy again!

Key Stats

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Print & Production

We handle all of Groom’s print and design. Our favourite so far has been the custom branded egg boxes! Which have proven a huge hit with customers and also spread their name far and wide round the local area. Future projects we have discussed with Groom’s include a van wrap, outdoor shop sign and branded grease proof papers.

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