3 Things You Can Do For FREE To Boost Your Traffic Online!

November 23, 2020

Times are tough right now and with so much uncertainty, we thought we would put together our top strategies to boost traffic, revenue, awareness and help businesses get through. So, how many of these are you already doing?

#1 – Social Media

This seems obvious I know, but so many businesses either don’t have a social media profile or don’t use it. But just having a profile isn’t enough these days. Here’s your step by step to make the most out of it.

Step 1 – Create a profile on all of the relevant platforms to your niche – if you’re not sure what platforms these are, you should start by creating your ideal buyer personas.

Step 2 – Optimise your profile – spend some time updating the profile picture and cover photo. Update the contact information, add things like your website, your email and your phone numbers. Use the automated messenger service that uses FAQs when a user visits your profile. Facebook will give you a checklist to work from so make sure you use it.

Step 3 – Content is Key – We have a whole section about content marketing (as it is so important!) but you should be posting regular content across all of your platforms. This is tough, it takes time, dedication and effort. And at first you won’t see much traction, other than your mum and your auntie liking your posts. If you want to learn more about this topic, this book is 100% worth the read.

Step 4 – Push Traffic – ideally if you have a website, you should be trying to push traffic towards it. Landing pages are a great way to do this. You give out tones of useful content across your social and then you sneak in an offer. Something to push people to buy something from you. You send them to a landing page, capture their details and hopefully make a sale. But if you don’t have a sales funnel of some sort, this can be difficult.

#2 – Google My Business

This is a 100% free to use tool. Go ahead and google a local competitor in your industry. Type their name into google, not their url and see what pops up on the right hand side (on desktop). If they are doing things right they will have a Google My Business profile.

This is really important for a number of reasons. A) it tells Google who you are and helps with your SEO and B) it gives visitors a breakdown of your business and allows them to see Google verified reviews.

If you don’t have a GMB profile, you can set one up here. Trust me, it’s worth it. You can see how many people have viewed your profile, what action they have taken and how many impressions you have had. A serious game changer.

#3 – Get Reviews!

This is important for a variety of reasons but it’s something business owners neglect. Did you know, 72% of customers won’t take action until they read reviews and local businesses have an average of 39 Google reviews?

Social proof is evidence that someone else, a real person, has bought your product / service and has enjoyed the experience. If you don’t have any reviews, people will trust you less and see you as a risk, especially if you are selling a high ticket product. It also helps with your websites search engine performance and helps to boost traffic from search engines too!

Ask your past customers for reviews – 99% of them won’t mind and if you do provide an excellent service, they will be happy to do it.

And no, reviews that you write yourself on your website or put into quotes on a Facebook post do not count. They need to be verified on Google My Business or in Facebook Reviews.

So, how did you do and have you found something new to boost traffic?

If you are kicking ass in all three of these areas then well done. If you haven’t and you’ve tried but can’t seem to manage it, or don’t have the time, get in touch. We specialise in this area so we can help. Or check out or blog page for more ways you can boost traffic online!

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