How To Rank Higher on Google!

February 10, 2022

DIY SEO Tips for your business that you can implement today

We’ve put together 5 simple things that you can complete today that will help your website rank higher on Google. Whether you are a WordPress Wizard or a Wix beginner these 5 tips should be quick and easy to do and will have a big impact on your search engine profile!

1. Blogs, Articles and Content!

You don’t have to be an expert copywriter to provide value to your visitors or to rank higher on Google. And let’s face it, the more value you have on your website the more traffic you are going to drive. Find out what your customers are searching for. What they need answers to and how they need help.

Run a lawn care business? An article on “lawn care tips” or “things to avoid for your lawn” would be an ideal example of answering questions your client base may be asking!

Want to go a bit further?

The next step is to optimise this content for search engines. This can be a little technical but things like H1 tags, meta tags, image tags and keyword focuses can help to push your content up the rankings and into more search results!

2. SSL Certificate

This is a simple fix that many websites fail to do and one thing search engines HATE! Invalid or non existent SSL certificates get heavily penalised by Google and the like. Look at the top right of your browser. See a little locked padlock? That means your site is secure and safe for users to visit. Don’t see one? Contact your hosting provider as most provide these for free nowadays, or the people that manage your website and get one asap!

Want to go a bit further?

Make sure your website is fully secure, with no outdated plug-ins and no security risks. Things like malware and viruses can be harmful to your users and will end up being red flagged by search engines. We have seen many sites plummet down the rankings for having infected websites and some never recover.

3. Google Local – Google My Business

This is a really simple thing to do that will increase your traffic hugely and help you rank higher on Google. Whenever you search for a business in Google, most of the time they will have a GMB profile (look to the right hand side when searching on desktop). here you will find the business details such as phone number, website and reviews. Just having one of these profiles helps boost you up the local rankings and makes you so much more visible in search pages. It’s easy to set up, create your Google Profile here.

Want to go a bit further?

Once you have created your profile, you want to make sure it’s relevant and up to date. Try adding posts and filling your page with reviews to help push it further up the rankings!

4. Avoid Duplicate Content

Never, never, never copy and paste content from another site. Not only is this plagiarism but Google and other search engines hate it and will penalise you heavily, filing you away in the deep dark archives where nobody will find you. And don’t think that the people who work at Google aren’t likely to see this content, they will. Because they use robots to “crawl” thousands of pages and content per second. And they also know exactly who wrote it first and how long it has been published. So don’t cut corners, be original and stay relevant!

This is a really simple tip that many businesses miss. Adding links to your social profile act as a credibility check to Google that this website is who it says it is. It also helps with back links and increasing your sites authority. On top of that if you regularly drive people to and from your social and website it acts as another positive check on your name that you are worthy of sending visitors your way.

Want to supercharge your Google rankings?

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